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In EVM, the initial four bytes in the data accompanying a transaction determine the function calls. These signatures consist of the first four bytes of the keccak hash (SHA3) derived from the function signature's standard format. Additionally, the database includes correlations for event signatures. Distinct from function signatures, event signatures are identified by a 32-byte segment of the keccak hash (SHA3) extracted from the event signature's canonical version. As this process is irreversible, one cannot reconstruct the readable format of the function or event from its byte signature. The purpose of this database is to facilitate the conversion of these byte signatures back into their readable forms and provide SEI users better dev experience until there's an explorer built.

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Our database primarily has data sourced from’s product. The rationale behind this choice was to enhance the existing version, offering explorers and developers comprehensive tools for effortless development and exploration. Additionally, our team holds great respect for team, acknowledging their significant contribution to the ecosystem.

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